Oversleeping – Causes & Effects

I had struggled with the habit of oversleeping most of my life. Believe me, I know how embarrassing and frustrating it can be not to be able to control yourself, to be chronically late and to waste lots of precious time on sleep.

If you want to be able to wake up refreshed and on time, you must first understand WHY you oversleep…

What Causes Over – Sleeping

Sleep problems are usually caused by either physical or mental issues (or both).

This may sound harsh, but let me explain it in a very simple way…

From my understanding, oversleeping comes from a combination of two main factors that can be summed up as:

1. Poor sleep – meaning you’re not getting enough rest from your sleep. If you feel tired after 7-8 hours of sleep, there’s a good chance that what you need is not more sleep but BETTER sleep.

Your sleep may be damaged by a physical sleep disorder. (I myself also had to treat my Sleep Apnea as part of the process.)

Most likely, though, is that you don’t sleep well, because of bad habits, emotional issues or outside conditions – things like stress, poor nutrition, shift work or a noisy environment.

2. Depression or Lack of motivation – simply put, when the clock rings, you PREFER to stay in bed than face the day (whether you’ll admit it or not). Why?

Well, there are many possible reasons, but if I had to guess, I would say that you are either unhappy, unsatisfied or simply bored with life – you have no sense of purpose or inspiring goals.

These two factors work together to keep you in bed – the more tired you are, the more “mental power” you need in order to overcome the temptation to oversleep.

The ‘Side-Effects’ of Over-Sleeping

If anyone can tell you about the terrible effects of oversleeping, it’s me. First, oversleeping is obviously time waste. As a result of this time waste your whole life can get messed up…

It can damage your relationships, your career and what not. It makes you look lazy and irresponsible and can bring down your self esteem.

Oversleeping can be addictive, because a vicious cycle of causes and effects comes to play. For example:

Oversleeping -> failure and negative emotions -> oversleeping – >>

If that’s not enough to make you want to stop oversleeping, you should know that studies have found a connection between over-sleeping and diabetes, weight-gain, headaches and even heart disease.

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53 Responses to “Oversleeping – Causes & Effects”

  1. Michale says:

    Get enough sleep, but not excessively.

  2. Rag says:

    Could it be an attempt to compensate for the insufficient sleep during previous days?

    • Rotem Cohen says:

      Well, sure. It’s possible. The question is how often it happens and how much control you have over it. If you lost a couple of hours of sleep one night, for example, it shouldn’t make you oversleep uncontroalbly for several hours. Makes sense?

  3. Justin says:

    to cut the story short.. sleep isnt the issue.. the issue is our lifestyle and time management :) there thats that..

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