How to Stop Snoring and Night Sweats

For many years I suffered from night sweats, along with heavy snoring…

Beside my wife’s complaints about my snoring, I used to wake up in the middle of the night, having to change my sweat-soaked shirt.

After some intense research I found out that I actually have a mild case of Sleep Apnea, which basically means that I sometimes have trouble breathing during sleep.

In case you’re wondering why sleep apnea causes sweating…

I’ll make it short and simple for you: (I found it here)

Shortness of breath -> lack of oxygen in the bloodstream -> brain triggers stress response -> cold sweat

Sleep Apnea can actually be dangerous, and if you suspect that you have it, you should consult a doctor. However…

My personal experience shows that if you have a ‘mild’ case of Sleep Apnea, like I do, you may be able to treat it by yourself, as you’d treat snoring.

Night sweats can have various other causes, but in my case it was the sleep apnea. When I got my snoring under control, the night sweats also stopped.

Here are several ways to treat snoring…

  • As simple as it sounds, before you go to sleep, go to the bathroom and ‘open your airways’ (especially if you smoke). This could at least reduce the intensity of your snoring.
  • Try some of the numerous remedies for snoring. Some of them are nasal strips, nose sprays, and anti-snoring pills, that you can find in most drugstores.
  • Get yourself used to sleeping on your side, or ‘force yourself’ to do that. You can either raise the head of the bed, by placing books under the mattress, or get yourself a special pillow that’s designed to prevent snoring.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle. The least you can do is…

– Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking, at least a few hours before sleep
– Loose some weight (In most cases 10% will do).
– Reduce stress. At least learn to relax your mind and body before sleep.

My favorite solution – train yourself to stop snoring…

It turns out that there are short and simple exercises that can help cure snoring. They open up your throat, relax your jaw, strengthen your tong and so on.

I was very skeptical about this at first, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try…

My wife and I couldn’t believe it, but withing a week of doing the exercises extensively, I stopped sweating. A week or two later, my wife told me I don’t snore anymore.

The program is not magical, though, so don’t try to CHEAT. For example, If you are obese, the exercises will not reduce your weight. If you smoke, you should at least reduce the amount you smoke, and so on.

Go over the ‘stop snoring tips’ above and combine some of them with the Stop Snoring Exercise Program, and I can almost guarantee that you will get rid of snoring and/or night sweating pretty quickly.


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  1. james says:

    Have you tried this…seems to work for lots of people…
    And, it’s a free offer…
    Thanks, james

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